November 30, 2014


      Hello guys. I've been spying about celebs' stylish style, including the famous singer Andien Aisyah. Who doesn't know her, anyway? Pretty face and fabulous voice, completed with all dazzling designers' pieces on her body. Isn't it all the whole dream for almost all women in the world? Maybe we are merely a bathroom singer but don't say we can't have the same gorgeous style as Andien. Let's copy her look, shall we?
      For you who prefer monochrome tone such grey shade, this look is perfect for you. No color block, just say grey for all look: pattern jumpsuit + cardigan + clogs, with sharp-lined eyes and eyelashes and pinkish-reddish shade of lips. I think that this new verse of Andien's look is somehow way cooler. Dare to try?

Andien pic taken from
Get all look by clicking here!

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Marta said...

Hello from Spain: great outfit. Very inspiring. Keep in touch