December 22, 2014


      "Play hard work hard" in men's world has inspired Luwi Saluadji to showcase his latest collection at Bazaar Fashion Festival 2014. Started with the casual pieces (which I still wish they would have taken the scarves off), the flow kept moving to the emerging of a beautiful men's batik. Then, the men's hobby world that was represented with big motorcycles growled across the runway. A line of men (with legging?) walked with edgy tops and lined-shaped patches. Lastly, a bunch of formal suits came so manly yet charming. However, I think some shoes in this sequence needed to be replaced in order to show more formal instead of casual look.

December 16, 2014


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      Hi guys, we're reaching the middle of December 2015. We'll have Christmas and the end-year very soon. There are a lot of shopping website offering us the great deal and clearance sale. Christmas tree everywhere... (of course!). We're almost in the moment when we reflect our life along 2014. And soon, we will enter 2015.
      Here I am sitting in front of my laptop, writing this post in the night. Yes, I'm a full-time blogger at night, since I have another job at day. Releasing the remaining energy of mine is not easy though, but I do it for the sake of my happiness. Yes, to write the blog. I also still have plenty to-do-list but it feels a little bit hard to do it. Even I have not read my latest Elle issue with Riri in the cover or sticking my cute sticker I bought few days ago at book store. Even I haven't watched the latest VS fashion show. And even it seems that I haven't time to do the thing that means the world to me: to draw something new, anything.
      I also miss all my best friends, and my pals who work and study either throughout Indonesia's province or overseas. I hope I can see them very soon. Maybe I should make another new friends circle, shouldn't I?
      Finally, I just want to say happy holiday to you, my fellas. Hope you can make a great resolution for the upcoming and awaited year: 2015!

December 15, 2014


      Hello guys. I and my team just launched a website named Bavel & Halley which provides stylish men shirts. Here the photoshoot campaign we did few weeks ago. (Sorry for the low-resolution photo!) Hope you enjoy it! And shop till drop!

Creative: Bavel & Halley Team
Stylist: Fahmy Haryandi
MUA: Novitasari
Photographer: Arizal Latansa
Talents: Salfan & Binar


      I always have an affair with dresses. From simple to celebrities’ major dresses at Grammy, all have their own special characters which make me impressed. Therefore, I like to browse through many dress website, including Prom Times website ( If in the previous post I already made a post about simple dresses, this time is about more glam evening dresses from Prom Times. Let’s take a look!

      Let’s start with the first white dress which is perfect for bridesmaid dress moment. I like the shoulder strap that shows your sweet girl side. Can’t agree more to tie up the hair when wearing the dress! The next dress is the kind of goddess dress version of mine. The color is so soft. It’s perfect for you who want to show your femininity more and more. Well, which one of you who like yellow evening dress? This lace yellow dress is one of the must have dresses from Prom Times! The last dress in the picture, we have that green dress with white beads shoulder strap and embellishment bending so beautifully. Wear less accessories to pop this dress out!

      I always love dress with sculptural detail and element, looking like the couture gowns. That includes these three long dresses above from The first dress is so pretty, It looks like the blue details glued onto the transparent canvas, isn’t it? The next dress still comes from the blue hue. I love the harmonization of the tidy bustier in the top and the random cutting in the bottom. However, overall, it looks a little bit more messy in a very good way. Yes yes, untie your hair and let it waves! The last dress which I’ve saved this all time is about the two pieces of crop top and flare skirt with high slit in brave red. I love the sparkling top and the plain skirt complementing each other. By the way, like people say, ”When doubt, wear red!”, wear this dress and be bold!
      For more prom dresses, formal dresses, short & long prom dresses until cocktail dresses, please visit the Prom Times website right here Or, if you want to search further info about the dresses in the post, just click the Prom Times’ 2015 prom dresses collection right here . Have a nice day!

December 14, 2014


      I always admire model's off duty look. They often come outside the runway with the make up and hairdo still on their faces, completed with effortless outfit. So does the Indonesian model, Eveline. Look at this candid photo, how cool her style is. Only a maxi dress with leaves motif, and silver metallic shoes and bag accompanied her look. Steal her look by wearing this black maxi dress, bag and brogues! Don't forget the eye-shadow, blush on, and lipstick also!

eveline's pic taken from
Get the look here!


      Who doesn’t love simple evening dresses anyway? Because of the simplicity, we can mix and match them very easy, we also can wear them in any occasion. But wait. Is there any dress like that? Yes, there is! I just went to Prom Times ( and found many interesting simple dresses to be worn anywhere and anytime. You can wear them as prom dresses or probably bridesmaid dresses. How cool is that? In addition, Christmas is very near. You can add your dress preferences for attending some Christmas events. Let’s take a look!

      Let’s start with two simple dresses I found at with those gorgeous draperies. Which one will you choose? The basic but pretty white dress or that shiny lavender dress? Ah, I love the lavender one. The next dress is the simple strapless dress with embellishments spread over the dress. Isn’t it amazing? Complete the dress with a choker! The last dress is the one with long flare skirt with mandarin collar in brave red. Simply stunning! I think you can choose one(s) of these dresses as your perfect Christmas’ Eve dress.

      Peplum dress still rules! If you have skinny curve, this is the perfect dress for you. I love the first blue peplum dress. Isn’t it calming and lovely? The embellishment detail in the side of the peplum is so eye-catching but not so overwhelming. A pair of nude strap high heels is the best way to wear the dress. Do you have better idea how to wear it? The next dress is the beauty pageant emerald peplum dress. Yes, the dress can make a girl turns into a princess in a sudden. Pair it with transparent clutch in the same color shade and a pair of pearl earrings! The last dress is the ultimate white lace. Complete the look with your simplest yet stunning make up. Red lips are the must in order to give some colors in your look.
      That is my version of simple dress from Prom Times. How’s about you? Browse more formal dresses, short prom dresses, long prom dresses, or cocktail dresses in Prom Times website right here If you want to have the dresses in this post, just go to the evening dresses collection here or the bridesmaid dresses collection here Have a nice day!

December 8, 2014


      Inspired by her own origin homeland in Palembang, Mel Ahyar brought Srivijaya Kingdom (South Sumatra) nuance in her latest collection named "Suvarnabhumi". The richness of acculturation culture inspired the designer a lot since in the past Srivijaya tried to expand its region and power through inter-ethnic marriages with China, India, Middle East, Malay, and Javanese into the birth of the new mixed culture. In this collection, there was one renowned Indonesian illustrator, Diela Maharanie, who was involved in the illustration making. 
      For the collection itself, they have the kind of Mel Ahyar's style such as color blocking the black/tan palette fabric with vibrant 3D details, embroidery and beading in loose cape or just mermaid gown. The embellishment seemed sewed so random and a little messy. In addition, it was hard to see the acculturation implementation in the collection. But it still was such a nice collection. It was an artsy collection completed with the black laser cut ear cuff from the accessories designer, Rinaldy A. Yunardi.

December 7, 2014


      Carmanita, like as always, brought her wrapping-drapery technique in her latest show themed Purity at Bazaar Fashion Festival 2014. All white and white plain organza cotton collection emerged from the corner of the runway embellished with the needlework ribbon made from shibori yarns. All this sheer collection indeed looked like the stacked origami paper, didn't it? The show wasn't over yet until the pastel-gold nuance were coming. Made from white & gold woven India kerala fabrics which was being woven with gold thread. Overall, it was a very feminine and unique collection.