December 15, 2014


      I always have an affair with dresses. From simple to celebrities’ major dresses at Grammy, all have their own special characters which make me impressed. Therefore, I like to browse through many dress website, including Prom Times website ( If in the previous post I already made a post about simple dresses, this time is about more glam evening dresses from Prom Times. Let’s take a look!

      Let’s start with the first white dress which is perfect for bridesmaid dress moment. I like the shoulder strap that shows your sweet girl side. Can’t agree more to tie up the hair when wearing the dress! The next dress is the kind of goddess dress version of mine. The color is so soft. It’s perfect for you who want to show your femininity more and more. Well, which one of you who like yellow evening dress? This lace yellow dress is one of the must have dresses from Prom Times! The last dress in the picture, we have that green dress with white beads shoulder strap and embellishment bending so beautifully. Wear less accessories to pop this dress out!

      I always love dress with sculptural detail and element, looking like the couture gowns. That includes these three long dresses above from The first dress is so pretty, It looks like the blue details glued onto the transparent canvas, isn’t it? The next dress still comes from the blue hue. I love the harmonization of the tidy bustier in the top and the random cutting in the bottom. However, overall, it looks a little bit more messy in a very good way. Yes yes, untie your hair and let it waves! The last dress which I’ve saved this all time is about the two pieces of crop top and flare skirt with high slit in brave red. I love the sparkling top and the plain skirt complementing each other. By the way, like people say, ”When doubt, wear red!”, wear this dress and be bold!
      For more prom dresses, formal dresses, short & long prom dresses until cocktail dresses, please visit the Prom Times website right here Or, if you want to search further info about the dresses in the post, just click the Prom Times’ 2015 prom dresses collection right here . Have a nice day!

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