December 14, 2014


      Who doesn’t love simple evening dresses anyway? Because of the simplicity, we can mix and match them very easy, we also can wear them in any occasion. But wait. Is there any dress like that? Yes, there is! I just went to Prom Times ( and found many interesting simple dresses to be worn anywhere and anytime. You can wear them as prom dresses or probably bridesmaid dresses. How cool is that? In addition, Christmas is very near. You can add your dress preferences for attending some Christmas events. Let’s take a look!

      Let’s start with two simple dresses I found at with those gorgeous draperies. Which one will you choose? The basic but pretty white dress or that shiny lavender dress? Ah, I love the lavender one. The next dress is the simple strapless dress with embellishments spread over the dress. Isn’t it amazing? Complete the dress with a choker! The last dress is the one with long flare skirt with mandarin collar in brave red. Simply stunning! I think you can choose one(s) of these dresses as your perfect Christmas’ Eve dress.

      Peplum dress still rules! If you have skinny curve, this is the perfect dress for you. I love the first blue peplum dress. Isn’t it calming and lovely? The embellishment detail in the side of the peplum is so eye-catching but not so overwhelming. A pair of nude strap high heels is the best way to wear the dress. Do you have better idea how to wear it? The next dress is the beauty pageant emerald peplum dress. Yes, the dress can make a girl turns into a princess in a sudden. Pair it with transparent clutch in the same color shade and a pair of pearl earrings! The last dress is the ultimate white lace. Complete the look with your simplest yet stunning make up. Red lips are the must in order to give some colors in your look.
      That is my version of simple dress from Prom Times. How’s about you? Browse more formal dresses, short prom dresses, long prom dresses, or cocktail dresses in Prom Times website right here If you want to have the dresses in this post, just go to the evening dresses collection here or the bridesmaid dresses collection here Have a nice day!

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