December 16, 2014


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      Hi guys, we're reaching the middle of December 2015. We'll have Christmas and the end-year very soon. There are a lot of shopping website offering us the great deal and clearance sale. Christmas tree everywhere... (of course!). We're almost in the moment when we reflect our life along 2014. And soon, we will enter 2015.
      Here I am sitting in front of my laptop, writing this post in the night. Yes, I'm a full-time blogger at night, since I have another job at day. Releasing the remaining energy of mine is not easy though, but I do it for the sake of my happiness. Yes, to write the blog. I also still have plenty to-do-list but it feels a little bit hard to do it. Even I have not read my latest Elle issue with Riri in the cover or sticking my cute sticker I bought few days ago at book store. Even I haven't watched the latest VS fashion show. And even it seems that I haven't time to do the thing that means the world to me: to draw something new, anything.
      I also miss all my best friends, and my pals who work and study either throughout Indonesia's province or overseas. I hope I can see them very soon. Maybe I should make another new friends circle, shouldn't I?
      Finally, I just want to say happy holiday to you, my fellas. Hope you can make a great resolution for the upcoming and awaited year: 2015!

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