December 8, 2014


      Inspired by her own origin homeland in Palembang, Mel Ahyar brought Srivijaya Kingdom (South Sumatra) nuance in her latest collection named "Suvarnabhumi". The richness of acculturation culture inspired the designer a lot since in the past Srivijaya tried to expand its region and power through inter-ethnic marriages with China, India, Middle East, Malay, and Javanese into the birth of the new mixed culture. In this collection, there was one renowned Indonesian illustrator, Diela Maharanie, who was involved in the illustration making. 
      For the collection itself, they have the kind of Mel Ahyar's style such as color blocking the black/tan palette fabric with vibrant 3D details, embroidery and beading in loose cape or just mermaid gown. The embellishment seemed sewed so random and a little messy. In addition, it was hard to see the acculturation implementation in the collection. But it still was such a nice collection. It was an artsy collection completed with the black laser cut ear cuff from the accessories designer, Rinaldy A. Yunardi.


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