December 30, 2015


Another sophisticated collection was presented in IPMI Trend Show 2016. Collaborating with Visionare, one of emerging and rising fashion labels, Sav Lavin brought its sophisticated yet futuristic looks like always. A line of monochrome sets of clothing and a little bit of shocking red were delivered in the red thread of traditional story within couture yet ready-to-wear collection. I am definitely in love with the all-black clothes, the colour-block tops and skirt below the shiny red jacket.

November 8, 2015


Apparently, waking up as a full-time office worker is not that easy. One thing that you should be conscious of every single morning is what you will wear the entire day and the early decision matters that much. Unless you have plenty money to spend on the whole large room to contain all your wardrobes that you don't have to think thousands times cause everything that you touch and see is fancy, you may should read this post thoroughly.

I love unique things, I do like bright, vibrant, Hawaiian patterns, quirky color blocks, studs. But ever since I have to change my wardrobe to something neater and more appropriate to "conventional", "universal" environment, I have to look for something more into it but I don't want it to be boring. Yes, who doesn't, anyway? So, let me show you my current favorite things, especially for tops, the one that can be suitable for your workplace (including if you are someone working for creative industry like magazine or agencies), with affordable price so you can get five items (or maybe six) for merely one million rupiahs. I obviously love great design with quality (have to be careful coz each brand has different quality) and keep my wallet thick in the other hand :p I would love to share my wishlist to you. Here we go!

The basic things which every woman has are the monochrome families. Grey, white, black are never out. Instead of basic and regular monochrome, I choose the collection that is effortlessly stylish even without putting your beautiful jewelries on. I love the stripes style on regular shirt with loose sleeves and with ribbon belt as well which will give you two different styles to go. You can also choose not-so-ordinary all-white and low V-neck colorblock blouses to be paired with short or long culottes. If you like, you can also choose the simple bag and the rice-based ring that make your appearance more stands out.

Blue is almost everybody's favorite color. All collections are plain blue but with almost unexpected design. Simple Ruffle Top that you can pair with Sasha Necklace, Ivory Sabrina Tops that you can be in a great team with slim long skirt with high slit for certain special occasion, Debria top with Bella necklace that can brings you simple cool look to hang out with friends after work or Mariam Top just to complete your high-neck collection pieces.

Yes, you can wear this collection in Friday or just to show your Indonesian pride in some meetings. I always love Danar Hadi, how they mix the batik color with modern, fresh and young nuance. Well, I would love to wear that Moretha Blouse Blue with some blue or navy bell-bottom trousers, Lady Red top with white or cream pants, Rosie Top with unique Aladdin pants. And you know what, I am now crazy about that UP shoes with love-shaped holes and red thin lines in which I think will work across pattern tops. Oh, if you have to wear any jewelry, the one with gold should elevate your look into a more glam and classy combo.

I always love bright-colored tops. I drooled for the Furlie top with that cute fur at bottom part, pair it with knee-length pleated skirt and the Something Borrowed's shoes. Dewi Kinasih top is a very simple piece but not so easy to match, maybe just regular black skinny pants, Leandra Neon shoes, other additional pieces in black to balance. Those Leandra Neon shoes will work with Ferosca Top too, wear white pants and let the colorful pieces shine! The Iva Embroidery Top is the love for Something Borrowed's shoes, pair them with full-beaded clutch to add the surprise.

(The prices and pictures are taken from each brand's website which was accessed on November 7th, 2015)

September 26, 2015


Waking up on Saturday holy morning with an arranged activity written in my phone which will help me encounter the day, taking a bath and having a cup of great coffee, all are the good bases to color this beautiful weekend day.

Hi guys. It's been a long time since I wrote the last post. Times flies so fast and I'm drown into it.

A friend recently talked to me about her favourite show, the latest cycle of Project Runway to me. She said that this cycle has great contestants with big talent that I shouldn't miss. Well, actually I'm not really a fan of the show but I enjoyed it when I was watching a certain cycle of it few season backward. Taking her advice, I started to spare my time to watch the cycle 14 of Project Runway in my hectic time (this busy time is apart of the priority time of watching America's Next Top Model, lols). It is a great show, then. It is. I just began to watch two episodes but the show indeed is a must to see since there were great designers there. One of many parts I love the most is certainly the judging panel where judges give their priceless and worthy comment on contestants' clothes.

And you know what, it somehow reminds me back to two or three years ago when I was in a fashion design competition and my work is judged. That was a great time even though I got some serious comments from the judges which were pretty constructive. That was one of happy moments for me. I was grateful that I was in the competition that I wholeheartedly skipped one college class for it.

I am sort of 'forgot' about one of my all time favourite and joyful activities, which is blogging. I was stuck in my daily activities and I should get back on track very soon.

Thanks to my friend. She definitely deserves this post.

So, let's restart again. Wander more, imagine more, dream more, work harder and pray more for the best. Let's have a very good time management and just do it! Bring it on. Fireeeeeeeeee!!!

My doodles

June 17, 2015


      Everyone has their own imagination of dream. So does for one of notable Indonesian fashion designers, Biyan Wanaatmadja. His annual show last time in "Dream" theme might portray his imagination of dream. Still bringing his remarkable cutting and style, the designer coloured his collection in breezy, windy, cold yet soft nuance. The perfection of proportion combined with the detail complexity, as usual, hypnotised everyone. Completed with some loose style and stacking detail that is crowded enough yet it still sparked the elegant and luxurious women in the hand of Biyan.
      Yes, Biyan always brought his blue print style in his annual show. We almost could judge a dress that made by Biyan from only his singular message of design. Nevertheless, with that significant expression, he always came up with a new way of thinking which poured into a line of different dresses with different touch.
     Here I brought to you some of the best of Instagram posts capturing the runway and off runway beauty since I could not make it to the show. Enjoy!

All pictures and videos do not belong to this blog. Photo & video credits: @abangsimpson @art8amby @bazaarindonesia @biyanofficial @boyfsembiring @cameliatsubaki @chynaya @francescajaclynhalim @grazia_id @hakimsatriyo @katharinaluandha @kssbaay @lottasenk @maureenlims @pikoprakoso @rioprasetia @sophisticadit @yannisyer @dyah_pamela @deanabila @theateam_mgt @windysucipto Dewi Magazine and Davy Linggar.

June 13, 2015


      You probably can expect what Algarry's next collection will be. The standard is quite high, for example for its reverse or multi-purposed dresses that has always been waited. For JFFF 2015, Algarry by Albert Yanuar presented "Okeanos" with under sea inspiration and some floral patterns. Bold and vibrant motive were spilled over in mostly black and cream dresses as the base canvas, let the creation of the designers flowed. A woman wearing this creation should be the one who's feminine and elegant with outgoing personality, sometimes shy yet she's very appealing. She is also a kind of practical woman who loves wearing one jacket or one dress in multi ways and in many occasions. She always invites admiration from her colleagues. Seems like a perfect woman, doesn't she?

Before (left) and after (right) transformation
Before (left) and after (right) transformation