February 15, 2015


      Hello guys. It was a very long time ago since the last time I did draw. I have plenty of to-do-lists that I want to do that I skipped sketching. (Perhaps, I have to manage my time better.) I wish I had many time for drawing, it surely would be very fun. Anyway, these are the illustrations I made for my clients. I hope you like them like I do. And stay tune for more posts, okay? :) Have a nice weekend!

February 13, 2015


      If you're bored with plain gown and want to explore your fun side, perhaps you will like what Kanaya Tabitha did in her latest collection "Gloaming".  The story behind the collection was about the hands of women refugees of Rokatenda Mountain in Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT), Indonesia, which wove many beautiful woven fabrics. It was also about the Timor's children cheerfulness that portrayed hope and dream in the land of Timor.
      With Manggarai, Ende, and Timor woven fabrics, Kanaya juggled the materials into fun yet bold pieces of clothing. The combination of vibrant and bright color patched the dark-based woven fabric portraying the warm sky of twilight. With extraordinary necklaces, the collection became more ethnical and a little quirky.

February 11, 2015


      Oriental nuance seems always be Sutanto Danuwidjaja's blood of design. Like his previous year collection, Sutanto's latest rythm was also about the colourful oriental gowns but this year it was marked by ornamental figures such as three, fish, phoenix, wave, and dragon. Not only gown, Sutanto also completed the look with accessories made by Grace Liem. Male models' body painting made by the collaboration with Ikie Morphacio and the presence of two girls wearing gowns also enlivened the show. 

February 8, 2015


      Fashion week always leaves some kinds of impression for us. Some people may enjoy the music, some may carefully notice to the cloth detail, the others may like the ambience of the thematic show room. For me, I like everything. However, I'm most likely interested in the origin and the making of the cloth. Likewise when the couture euphoria coming last weeks, Dior and Chanel became ones of many which have very attractive details. No wonder, the making has a very high-level difficulty. In result, all sophisticated pieces were perfectly shown in Paris runway.
      Anyway, since I'm the lover of the couture making, here I summed up some videos from Dior and Chanel that you may love (and you probably had watched them before :p). So, enjoy the videos! Have a nice weekend!

February 2, 2015


     Visiting an exhibition has always been a pleasure, for myself. Even more if it is about fashion, especially the one that I just visited last week: Pilgrimage by Didi Budiardjo.
      Pilgrimage talked about the fashion journey of Didi in fashion (1989-now). It served the audience by boxes of memories, fulfilled by dresses representing each fashion period of the designer's artwork. Pilgrimage showcased 70 sets of clothing and consisted of 300 exhibits. Some of the Pilgrimage collection were also enriched the dresses by Didi rent from his clients.
      This exhibition also showed Didi's friends' artwork such as the famous accessories designer Rinaldy A. Yunardi, and other designer such as Susan Budihardjo, Adrian Gan, and Sebastian Gunawan. As a tribute and respect, Pilgrimage also presented the objects that could reminisce the memory of meritorious Indonesia's fashion people such as Pieter Sie (1929-2001), Iwan Tirta (1935-2010), and Muara Bagja (1957-2010).
      The designer who declared his works as his daughters dedicated this exhibition not only to share his journey in fashion but also the gratitude and the discovery of himself.
      I think it was a very interesting exhibition where we could see the perspective of Didi's thought in fashion, what inspired him and how he translated it. His edgy style with colourful shade, intriguing yet intricate details of embroidery or beads, somehow wowed us. Every boxes of memories from Pilgrimage, each brought different nuance and moments in which other people could interpret in their ways. Didi's work marked each trend in each period in every piece of cloth; how culture grew, adapted, and evolved though years.
       Indeed, it was not such an ordinary exhibition. Congratulation, Didi Budiardjo!