February 13, 2015


      If you're bored with plain gown and want to explore your fun side, perhaps you will like what Kanaya Tabitha did in her latest collection "Gloaming".  The story behind the collection was about the hands of women refugees of Rokatenda Mountain in Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT), Indonesia, which wove many beautiful woven fabrics. It was also about the Timor's children cheerfulness that portrayed hope and dream in the land of Timor.
      With Manggarai, Ende, and Timor woven fabrics, Kanaya juggled the materials into fun yet bold pieces of clothing. The combination of vibrant and bright color patched the dark-based woven fabric portraying the warm sky of twilight. With extraordinary necklaces, the collection became more ethnical and a little quirky.

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