March 26, 2015


      Well, when the fashion world has crazy about the 90's trend and the logos everywhere, the local designer, Savira Lavinia who also won Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 fashion design competition, also applied this trend in her label "Sav Lavin" latest collection "The Trip". In this retro-futuristic theme, the collection came with unexpected yet very prominent signature: the local fictional hero Wiro Sableng. The hero inspiration was really visible since it was clearly embedded into the dress; the Wiro Sableng's "212" and axes logos. How crazy was that? Yet, the surprise was not over. Laser cut, 3D embroidery and screen print techniques that sculptured all dresses embellishments wowed everyone.
      Beside that Wiro Sableng thing, it turned out that this collection was made by many inspirations, including from the philosophy of "Rambatan Titik" that is known by "Batik". However, at the end of the day, sometimes it was not about the inspiration, but the deliverable. No matter how many the inspirations came from, this monochrome collection was seen in unity and it brought a red thread message of fashion forward. And the more importantly, it was able to transform our local heritage that usually sounded old and odd into a creation we could see coming from the future.


March 21, 2015


      I must agree to several medias talking about how fresh Rinda Salmun's collection was at Indonesia Fashion Week 2015. In the midst of other designers' collection that was probably not all were outstanding, the designer came with the crisp idea: Jayawijaya highland inspiration with that signature fluid cutting in Elevation theme. Talking about the technique she applied here, Rinda Salmun used the fabric which its texture resembled Jayawijaya topography and numerical motive like geophysics maps, all merged with the 3D embossing technique. I love how the fluid cutting flowed together with the colours combination, how that brown, (or you prefer to call it yellow mustard, or whatever) became eye-gasm for me. With that feminine-masculine style and those cool Clark shoes, all bold collection instantly became one of my favourite show at IFW 2015.

March 13, 2015


      There was something different at Kle's show at Indonesia Fashion Week 2015. Yes, Kle that used to design in monochrome now was all about neon and colorful game. Electric blue, lime green, fuschia, grey, and violet became the main color of the show. Kinda surprising, right? But the designer still remained the loose and edgy design though. With the Mandala motif made by artist Monica Hapsari, Kle succeeded to make the audience felt awe-struck with her latest collection in "Transcendental" theme. (P.S. Where can I get those cool shoes?)

March 8, 2015


      That night at Indonesia Fashion Week 2015, a series of collection from Albert Yanuar looked so stunning with the strong shades of blue and white. With the theme "Chinoize", the designer adorned his Pre-Fall collection with handmade ornamental motifs that digitally printed on fabric. It turned out that not only Chinese porcelain motifs but also batik Cirebon: Mega Mendung that were embellished the collection through a simple yet beautiful design. Coupled with alluring lace accents, elegance woman was emanated from the dress. Not to forget, the designer also inserted a reversible impression on some dresses that it has always been his trademark. Overall, the collection was nicely wrapped with a pretty simple styling that accentuated the designer's aesthetic fashion collection. The collection also had a very gentle look yet strong personality that deserves hanging in every woman's closet.