March 7, 2015


      Hello guys. I’m sorry for my absence in blogging sphere. Life is getting kinda busy these days. Hehehe… Anyway, for this post, I will show you some beautiful long dresses from PromTimes which I personally love. You may love them too (and might think to buy them :p). Let’s check them out!

      Started with a row of vibrant and bold dresses, the first long red dress is insanely stunning with those sparkling sequins. And the ribbon in the shoulders makes everything more feminine in subtle way. How about the next purple dress? This candy-colored dress reminds me to that blackcurrant flavor candy. The dress has simple design with attracting drapery in the side of the dress. Perfect for any occasions, don’t you think so?
      The other drapery dress we have in PromTimes is this blue long dress with beautiful matching-color laces. Wear this and walk like goddess. The last dress in this bold-colored row is this light blue hue with the embellishments all over the dress. It is stunning and sexy in good way, isn’t it?


      Moving to another shade of row. Let’s start with this creamy-brown-gold (or what color is it?) dress. A simple hairdo will perfectly match with this dress. The next dress is my personal favorite. Pair it with black clutch and pastel heels. You’re ready to fascinate people around you!
      How about going our way back to basic dress? Yassss… this LBD or long black dress is one of your must-have dress in the closet. I like it so much, how about you? And how about the last dress we have in this post? Yes, this is my most favorite dress from PromTimes. Love the material, love that low cutting, love that curve. Love everything about it.
      You can find all those dresses in PromTimes website. Especially for those dresses, just click PromTimes Cocktail Dress 2015 and PromTimes Evening Dress. See you soon!

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