March 8, 2015


      That night at Indonesia Fashion Week 2015, a series of collection from Albert Yanuar looked so stunning with the strong shades of blue and white. With the theme "Chinoize", the designer adorned his Pre-Fall collection with handmade ornamental motifs that digitally printed on fabric. It turned out that not only Chinese porcelain motifs but also batik Cirebon: Mega Mendung that were embellished the collection through a simple yet beautiful design. Coupled with alluring lace accents, elegance woman was emanated from the dress. Not to forget, the designer also inserted a reversible impression on some dresses that it has always been his trademark. Overall, the collection was nicely wrapped with a pretty simple styling that accentuated the designer's aesthetic fashion collection. The collection also had a very gentle look yet strong personality that deserves hanging in every woman's closet.

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