June 17, 2015


      Everyone has their own imagination of dream. So does for one of notable Indonesian fashion designers, Biyan Wanaatmadja. His annual show last time in "Dream" theme might portray his imagination of dream. Still bringing his remarkable cutting and style, the designer coloured his collection in breezy, windy, cold yet soft nuance. The perfection of proportion combined with the detail complexity, as usual, hypnotised everyone. Completed with some loose style and stacking detail that is crowded enough yet it still sparked the elegant and luxurious women in the hand of Biyan.
      Yes, Biyan always brought his blue print style in his annual show. We almost could judge a dress that made by Biyan from only his singular message of design. Nevertheless, with that significant expression, he always came up with a new way of thinking which poured into a line of different dresses with different touch.
     Here I brought to you some of the best of Instagram posts capturing the runway and off runway beauty since I could not make it to the show. Enjoy!

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June 13, 2015


      You probably can expect what Algarry's next collection will be. The standard is quite high, for example for its reverse or multi-purposed dresses that has always been waited. For JFFF 2015, Algarry by Albert Yanuar presented "Okeanos" with under sea inspiration and some floral patterns. Bold and vibrant motive were spilled over in mostly black and cream dresses as the base canvas, let the creation of the designers flowed. A woman wearing this creation should be the one who's feminine and elegant with outgoing personality, sometimes shy yet she's very appealing. She is also a kind of practical woman who loves wearing one jacket or one dress in multi ways and in many occasions. She always invites admiration from her colleagues. Seems like a perfect woman, doesn't she?

Before (left) and after (right) transformation
Before (left) and after (right) transformation


June 10, 2015


      Hi, guys! As we know, striving for dream is not an easy job, especially when we have to sacrifice much time for it instead of gathering with friends or just simply having fun. Feeling so tired, often desired to stop, but we didn't really do it because we knew we're almost there. Thank God, the support coming from our friends and family always fuel and fire our passion, doesn't it? Like what my uncle once said to me few days ago, "Stay on your faith because achieving your dream is just the matter of time." Be passionated always!