September 26, 2015


Waking up on Saturday holy morning with an arranged activity written in my phone which will help me encounter the day, taking a bath and having a cup of great coffee, all are the good bases to color this beautiful weekend day.

Hi guys. It's been a long time since I wrote the last post. Times flies so fast and I'm drown into it.

A friend recently talked to me about her favourite show, the latest cycle of Project Runway to me. She said that this cycle has great contestants with big talent that I shouldn't miss. Well, actually I'm not really a fan of the show but I enjoyed it when I was watching a certain cycle of it few season backward. Taking her advice, I started to spare my time to watch the cycle 14 of Project Runway in my hectic time (this busy time is apart of the priority time of watching America's Next Top Model, lols). It is a great show, then. It is. I just began to watch two episodes but the show indeed is a must to see since there were great designers there. One of many parts I love the most is certainly the judging panel where judges give their priceless and worthy comment on contestants' clothes.

And you know what, it somehow reminds me back to two or three years ago when I was in a fashion design competition and my work is judged. That was a great time even though I got some serious comments from the judges which were pretty constructive. That was one of happy moments for me. I was grateful that I was in the competition that I wholeheartedly skipped one college class for it.

I am sort of 'forgot' about one of my all time favourite and joyful activities, which is blogging. I was stuck in my daily activities and I should get back on track very soon.

Thanks to my friend. She definitely deserves this post.

So, let's restart again. Wander more, imagine more, dream more, work harder and pray more for the best. Let's have a very good time management and just do it! Bring it on. Fireeeeeeeeee!!!

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