November 23, 2016


Have you seen Gigi Hadid's looks at AMAs? Such a living barbie doll! My most favorite looks are the cutout red Versace dress and the white Cavalli wedding dress!

US Magazine & Cosmopolitan


Well, it seems there are good months here in my country for marriage. I come to almost dozens of wedding blessings to now, hahaha. Seeing everything's pretty with flowers, from bouquet to interior. One thing that I notice is also the ring bearer! This cutie pie always stuns me with pretty yet cute look as she does her job to bring the sacred rings. If you were the bride adhering to international wedding theme, you certainly want to make sure the ring bearer wears the beautiful dress like you, don’t you? Here are some (actually) white communion dresses from Aisle Style that can also be worn for the ring bearer.

Some of the first holy communion dresses collection belongs to the ones with neckline accent. Since I love old-school thing, these two are ones of my list. I love the how the collars create a little bit classic but not old nuance in the first picture, while oversized neckline in the second picture brings the cutie pie a little bit more mature look.

The left dress is definitely my favourite! Who does not easily love the transparent lace accent in the top makes the cutie pie more feminine? And ya, the little purse fits with it well. I also love the lace accent on sleeves such in the right dress! The lace version in this collection is certainly my cup of tea.

Just visit Aisle Style website and find the other gorgeous ring-bearer dresses in that dresses collection section! Click here to find your favourite one(s). Have a good day!

November 19, 2016


Udah hampir lima tahun saya menjadi seorang fashion blogger. *tebar confetti*

Meskipun sebagian besar konten saya berisi tentang fashion review, sebenarnya saya juga agak kepincut untuk bikin konten-konten tentang personal style saya sendiri. Tapi kayaknya masih perlu belajar bikin konten keren sama suhu-suhu fashion blogger, deh! Apalagi kalau berbicara tentang bikin foto-foto yang keren, pasti butuh modal yang nggak kecil. Minimal ada kamera digital gitu, kan? Sama laptop, buat nulis. Eh, tapi perlu lighting khusus gitu ga sih kalau mau OOTD? Biar ngga gelap dan hasilnya bagus?

Tapi benda-benda tersebut bisa disimpan dalam post-it dulu. Kenapa? Ternyata fitur-fitur Galaxy J5 dan J7 itu all-in-one buat kehidupan super mobile para fashion blogger. Apalagi pas ngecek-ngecek harga, ternyata harga Samsung Galaxy J5 dan J7 bisa bikin dompet tetep tebel, lho! Hehehe.

Coba cek sendiri dulu aja fitur-fiturnya (dan juga harganya) di sini

Percaya nggak, kalau dengan Samsung Galaxy J5 dan J7, kita bisa sekece para fashion blogger dunia?

Coba yuk intip keseharian para fashion blogger dunia lewat Instagram mereka.


Yang namanya fashion blogger hits pasti kerjaannya traveling. Jalan-jalan terus dan foto-foto tempat cantik, misalnya kayak Tavi Gevinson atau Mbak Nicole Warne di bawah ini.

Meskipun tone-nya agak gelap tetapi foto-foto mereka tetap tajam dan yang terpenting enak banget dipandang! Nah, kalau cuma kaya gini doang mah, bisa pake Samsung Galaxy J7 atau J5. Kamera depannya udah 13 megapixel dan lensanya F1.9. Meskipun udah sore/malam dengan cahaya minimal, tetap bisa jepret foto dengan cantik. Mau OOTD keren kayak Margaret Zhang? Kamera depan Samsung Galaxy J7 atau J5 yang ada LED Flash dan auto focus-nya bisa banget bikin foto outfit kita sekece Margaret.

Tips: Biar bisa capture moment dengan lebih cepat, coba pake fitur Quick Launch yang direct langsung ke kamera-nya Samsung, deh. Tinggal sentuh tombol home dua kali lalu snap, snap, snaaaap


Who doesn’t love selfie? Gak jauh beda kayak kita, para fashion blogger juga suka selfie. Bangun tidur, selfie. Di toilet mall, selfie. Kalau lagi merasa kece sedikit, selfie. Sekarang, selfie bisa secantik Zanita Whittington atau Aimee Song lho dengan Samsung Galaxy J5 dan J7. Apalagi kalau kita pakai fitur Beauty Mode-nya yang pastinya bikin foto kita terlihat tambah menarik. Kalau lagi di pantai dan backlight kayak Nicole Warner, bisa juga lho selfie pakai fitur Front Flash biar nggak gelap.


Ngikut fashion show dari New York sampai Paris? Itu memang udah pekerjaan seorang fashion blogger seperti Susanna Lau aka Susie Bubble. She snapped the runway and uploaded it quickly to her Instagram followers with mobile phone. Bisa banget nih kalau mau unggah foto dengan cepat kayak Susie pake Samsung Galaxy J5 atau J7 yang sudah 4G LTE. Kalau mau nyimpen foto semua koleksi baju desainer yang banyaaaak banget (karena cakep-cakep semua) juga gak perlu takut kehabisan memory. J5 dan J7 kapasitasnya cukup besar dan juga bisa ditambah dengan memori eksternal. Jadi kepikiran untuk buat fashion vlog yang banyak nggak sih? Hehehe. Selain itu, Samsung Galaxy J5 dan J7 punya fitur Ultra Power Saving Mode. Jadi, ngikut runway seharian bisa ninggalin power bank di rumah dong ya :D


Samsung Galaxy J5 dan J7 ini punya fitur yang unik banget untuk wefie. Senang banget nggak sih bisa wefie (atau selfie juga bisa!) cuma pake Palm Selfie? Cuma pakai lambaian tangan dan nggak perlu pakai timer. Terus ada juga fitur Wide Selfie yang bisa masukin semua wajah teman-teman blogger kita yang modisnya keterlaluan, lol... Dengan fitur ini, kita bisa juga nih wefie bareng desainer-desainer favorit kita kayak Chiara dan Zanita tetapi dalam satu landscape photo lebar yang bisa bikin teman-teman kita iri berat ;-)


Ada juga beberapa tips yang bisa bikin fashion blogging menjadi lebih asik dengan fitur dari Samsung Galaxy J5 dan J7.

Biar nggak cepat lupa detail baju apa yang dipresentasikan dalam runway show desainer, bisa nih langsung tulis di fitur Notes-nya Samsung Galaxy J7 & J5. Pas runway-nya selesai, langsung ngibrit ke media/press room untuk finishing di aplikasi Blogger sambil baca-baca lagi press release show-nya.

Tinggal pilih aja ukuran layar yang sesuai dengan preferensi tulis-menulis kita: mau nulis di ukuran 5,5 inci-nya J7 atau 5,2 inci-nya J5.


Secara fisik, Samsung Galaxy J5 dan J7 emang cakep dan stylish banget sih. Ada tiga pilihan warna yang bisa dipilih: black, gold, or white. Cocok banget untuk masuk frame Instagram bareng benda-benda cantik kita yang lain ;P


Jangan lupa ya untuk selalu mengecek informasi baterai, status penyimpanan, status memori dan pengaturan keamanan cuma dalam satu fitur Smart Manager. Biar fashion blogging-nya semakin seru!


Gimana? Semua konten keren para fashion blogger kece tersebut bisa banget kan didapetin pake Samsung Galaxy J5 atau J7?

Jadi, pilih pakai J5 atau J7 nih? Kalau aku sih udah kepikiran pake J7 untuk bikin konten personal style keren ala master fashion blogger di atas.

Kalau kamu gimana? :)

October 26, 2016


Hi guys,

A long-time blogging hiatus. Really busy months, I even could not take a proper breath every single day :P

There is a lot going on, huh? Now, everyone turns to videoing their blog in Youtube (please simply say "Vlogging", Christie!). While I am a quite late adopter, but I am not really convenient to expose myself to public aside from my thoughts. Besides, I think that I need that (real) writing exercise too. If only I find any reference to vlog the mind, literally...

I love to watch vlog anyway. My current obsession is to watch food videos (who doesn't?). My top list is the "$ VS $$$" by Buzzfeed. Come on, those series are amazing that they got like more than 10mills views, like seriously, guys? It is daym good. It is a food review but one interesting part is how Steven as the host presents and livens up the situation with his partner-in-crime/bestfriend, either Keith or Andrew. Every time I go to Youtube, I always wait for this kind of vlog which unfortunately they post it frequently rare. I also like to watch comedy vlog such as Wah!Banana. Indonesians here but their contents much likely relate to me, lol.

Still on the same page with the holy digital channels, I've been a long-time Instagram player here (same with you, I suppose). Uploading everything I like there until I feel bored and no more interested. Until I discovered these twin girls accounts (now still figuring it out how to differentiate those two) which I found really cool. Two "Follow" buttons were instantly clicked.

Just uhmazing to find these girls' Instagram. Consistently speaking up about enjoying high-scale beautiful living with effortlessly pleasant visuals. While both love to have clean themes, Maria picks the very bright tones and Eliz prefers to have bolder images. I don't care. Because I love both of them anyway. And also thanks to their beautiful Indonesian face, we have dissociated from a constant boredom that we may not skip their posts in our own feed or Insta Story. Forceless beauty that they even do not exercise? I have not found any picture of it, haha.

I find a way to breakthrough my Instagram. Well, at least I have tried, tho. Trying to find a good, beautiful angle of many things (still looking for the perfect single theme of everything like the inspiring twins do). And here some peeks to my IG. Please follow my feeds if you want, Your Majesty!

A photo posted by @marschristie on

A photo posted by @marschristie on

A photo posted by @marschristie on

I am just thinking if this blog needs that kind of rebranding too. But I still love to stuff everything in here :)

Have a good day!

March 28, 2016


Designer: Muhammad Kasihselian
the judges (left to right): 
1) Yudi Wanandi (CEO Jakarta Post), 2) Yetty R. Hadi (Noor Magazine),
3) Herline Widjaja (Director of Galeries Lafayette Indonesia), 4) Camillo Bona (Designer, Koefia International Fashion Design Academy),
5) Bianca Cimiota (Koefia International Fashion Design Academy), 6) Paul Grigson (Australian Embassy for Indonesia),
7) Triawan Munaf (head of the Creative Economy Agency), 8) Poppy Dharsono (IFW 2016 Preaident),
9) Atitje Arryman (Humanist, Lecturer), 10) Enny Sukamto Hehuwat (Senior Model, Painter),
11) Firman Ichsan (Lecturer, Photographer)

New designer equals new inspiration? Yes, it is. The Indonesia Young Fashion Designer was held weeks ago and it gave us some fresh perspectives, how traditional fabric creation was reinterpreted. The competition with theme "Reflection of Culture" had the woven fabric, printed Borobudur temple to the embroidery of Papua's icon turning into ready-to-wear collction (well, some of them). My most-favourited ones belong to the designs of Muhammad Kasihselian and Bhamini Moorjani. They had beautiful red dots of designs, edgy, unique look, and very wearable. But the winner of the night? The judges decision chose Angela Lowhur's pieces which brought her cash and scholarship abroad prizes. Here some of the contestants' works.

Designer: Bhamini Moorjani
Designer: Bhamini Moorjani
Designer: Bhamini Moorjani (pics 1 & 2), Muhammad Kasihselian (pics 3 )
Designer: Muhammad Kasihselian
Designer: Salma Fadhilah
Designer: Emmanuela Jessica
Designer: Andini Wijendaru
Designer: Prasetio Nugroho
Designer: Prasetio Nugroho
Designer: Prasetio Nugroho
Designer: Sunita Sumawi
Designer: Sunita Sumawi
Designer: Janner Losario
Designer: Janner Losario
Designer: Ardina (pic 1 & 2), Janner Losario (pic 3), Angela Lowhur (pic 4 - the winning design)
Designer: Angela Lowhur
Designer: Angela Lowhur
Designer: Adhindha Firdausa
Finale - Documentation of Indonesia Fashion Week 2016

March 15, 2016


Welcoming fashion week on March, not forgetting our fellow local event, Indonesia Fashion Week 2016. There were some differences for this year, though. The main runway stages were divided into two. The designers were also not only coming from the "real" ones, but also plenty famous names of local celebrity too which some we may be familiar as clothing line owners. Stay tune for more following posts of IFW to highlight some of its fascinating shows.

Rudy Chandra show at Stage 1
Indonesia Young Fashion Designer Competition 2016 at Stage 2
Indonesia Young Fashion Designer Competition 2016 at Stage 2
Tulus music performance in the middle of the last show on Sunday

February 5, 2016


Hi, guys! It's been rare for me to have some spare time to draw someone's face. It usually takes around four hours to illustrate one full-coloured face. However, I managed a very short time to draw this time, only two days in a row, and I was drawing not only one guy but three! Those two days include to wrap the illustration with black photo frame too. What a hard work it was, hahaha ;p

Who were in these illustrations this time? These are my seniors in my office. First picture is Mbak Meryl who will study abroad this year to Birmingham University (well, wishing a very good luck for her!). Second one is her husband, and third one is Mbak Sarah who's not only Mbak Meryl's cousin but also my senior in the office.

So, see you in another post!

Mbak Meryl
Mas Eka, Mbak Meryl's husband
Mbak Sarah

January 29, 2016


Taken from Zalora Indonesia

I am a sort of person who likes art. I enjoy painting so much that I really want to steal precious artwork from art exhibition. I really want to make the art more familiar in my life. I believe that art or painting can shape in the form of clothing or some other wide spaces. The art piece can be translated in various ranges of Indonesia traditional fabric that we wear daily, including batik.

I have one favorite batik brand, Danar Hadi it is. I have quite a lot of its blouses (so does my mother) with its exquisite batik motives, intricate yet smart colour block. My collection is on its more affordable clothing segment that its price range is less than Rp400.000 but it is fair enough to satisfy my style thirst. 

Recently, I had an occasion where I intended to buy souvenir for people. I was quite lost of what should I gave until I remembered that I knew there was Danar Hadi. One day, I and my family coincidentally were in vacation and we went to the store in Solo to buy other pieces of Danar Hadi's batik. The story continued until we reached the cashier place where those kinds of cute novelty did not have any mercy on the customers' eyes, specifically my eyes. 

What kind of novelties? You can say pouches in various types, coasters, tissue sheath, cushions, and many others in gorgeous batik pattern. So, as you can guess, I was confused to choose which ones to buy. And tadaaa, here they are!

Sorry for the post-notes! I tried to mark which pouch for each girl ;)
Hunting part 2, there was another green clutch too, too bad I didn't manage the time to capture it.
These pictures are belong to my friends pics ;)

It was quite a lot of shopping, wasn't it? These novelties just triggered my impulsive buying behaviour. I should say the batik pattern in those pouches were really beautiful and I could not resist to not buying almost all of them. They were perfect for souvenirs, I supposed. You can utilise them as make up case, pencil case, phone case or you can just put them on desk to beautify your view, hehehe... p.s. All pictures below belong to Danar Hadi. Enjoy :)