February 5, 2016


Hi, guys! It's been rare for me to have some spare time to draw someone's face. It usually takes around four hours to illustrate one full-coloured face. However, I managed a very short time to draw this time, only two days in a row, and I was drawing not only one guy but three! Those two days include to wrap the illustration with black photo frame too. What a hard work it was, hahaha ;p

Who were in these illustrations this time? These are my seniors in my office. First picture is Mbak Meryl who will study abroad this year to Birmingham University (well, wishing a very good luck for her!). Second one is her husband, and third one is Mbak Sarah who's not only Mbak Meryl's cousin but also my senior in the office.

So, see you in another post!

Mbak Meryl
Mas Eka, Mbak Meryl's husband
Mbak Sarah

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