October 26, 2016


Hi guys,

A long-time blogging hiatus. Really busy months, I even could not take a proper breath every single day :P

There is a lot going on, huh? Now, everyone turns to videoing their blog in Youtube (please simply say "Vlogging", Christie!). While I am a quite late adopter, but I am not really convenient to expose myself to public aside from my thoughts. Besides, I think that I need that (real) writing exercise too. If only I find any reference to vlog the mind, literally...

I love to watch vlog anyway. My current obsession is to watch food videos (who doesn't?). My top list is the "$ VS $$$" by Buzzfeed. Come on, those series are amazing that they got like more than 10mills views, like seriously, guys? It is daym good. It is a food review but one interesting part is how Steven as the host presents and livens up the situation with his partner-in-crime/bestfriend, either Keith or Andrew. Every time I go to Youtube, I always wait for this kind of vlog which unfortunately they post it frequently rare. I also like to watch comedy vlog such as Wah!Banana. Indonesians here but their contents much likely relate to me, lol.

Still on the same page with the holy digital channels, I've been a long-time Instagram player here (same with you, I suppose). Uploading everything I like there until I feel bored and no more interested. Until I discovered these twin girls accounts (now still figuring it out how to differentiate those two) which I found really cool. Two "Follow" buttons were instantly clicked.

Just uhmazing to find these girls' Instagram. Consistently speaking up about enjoying upscale beautiful living with effortlessly pleasant visuals. While both love to have clean themes, Maria picks the very bright tones and Eliz prefers to have bolder images. I don't care. Because I love both of them anyway. And also thanks to their beautiful Indonesian face, we have dissociated from a constant boredom that we may not skip their posts in our own feed or Insta Story. Forceless beauty that they even do not exercise? I have not found any picture of it, haha.

A photo posted by @marschristie on

A photo posted by @marschristie on

I am just thinking if this blog needs that kind of rebranding too. But I still love to stuff everything in here :)

Have a good day!

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