January 22, 2017


I looked back to my local fashion week archives and just like, oh! I still have some shows to be posted. This was Populo Batik from Bai Sumarlono. Love the motives, from triangles to herrings, which are definitely applicable to daily wear. Very chic and modern at the same time.


I always love to talk about dresses. I have a lot of parties to attend, but my closet seems so empty! It feels like I wear the same dresses over and over again. Gosh, this is the universal problem of girls, I suppose. LOL hahaha. I have some long evening dress recommendations this week from OK Dress so you will have options when going to party or other special occasions. Let’s check them out.

First one, I choose this yellow one-shoulder long dress (first picture from left). I love the wrap design with sparkling accent on shoulder. It is a quite bright dress that you can wear on afternoon, outdoor party. A clutch with similar colour can accompany this dress… and a boyfriend can do too :P Second, another simple one-shoulder dress in blue that is simply stunning to wear as an evening gown. A simple hairdo or untied hair can match perfectly this dress and a pair of black heels, of course.

Third, a sexy body wrap black dress. Slit peeks in the right side can definitely give you a sexier look. I think to make this dress stuns out, we can wear no earrings nor necklace, just an untied hair giving a natural look and blending with this dress perfectly. A dress to successfully steal the attention? Here is my secret dress for you: red long evening dress in the right. It is perfect to wrap your slim body and reveal your great complexion. Same advice, just keep your make up and other accessories at its least. Make sure you don’t want overdress yourself. Just a beautiful, well-dressed look.

OK Dress have another long evening dress collection like pictures above. First dress is so simple, you can wear it anywhere, I suppose. this purple dress conveys your feminine and elegant sides. Just give a simple bracelet to make your look prettier. Second dress, I have a very bright dress with that leave-lace on top. Well. this dress seems already have all accents in merely one piece. The wrap, laces, one shoulder too, belt, and big skirt… Wow. How to wear it? Simply tie your hair, give rings on your fingers and white heels with straps can do their magic, then.

Third dress, I love this brown boho-look dress. Any sleek and curly hairdo can match with it, doesn’t it? I suddenly feel like I am doing Salma Hayek's style, tho, hahaha… Anyway, do you dare enough to wear sneakers with this dress? :P The last dress, I loveee it. Sophisticated, elegant and fine look. This dress is just beautiful as it is. Bring a small white clutch and wear white heels that are able to perfectly fit with this dress. What do you think? Do you have any other suggestions? There are a lot of other collections: long evening dress, lace evening dress, and evening dress 2017 at OK Dress. You surely want to check them out. Go to OK Dress site! And that is all my recommendations. See you!