February 8, 2018


A well-spent evening at Ruci's Joint with my best friend, while also wondering about this blog post

Welcome 2018! It's been ONE YEAR since my last writing. Whaw. Please apologise.

One reason is simply my absence in the fashion industry. I have worked for company that is in branding/marketing field, quite far from fashion. No worries, I still have some love for fashion and art.

To be more productive is one of many resolutions that I have set this year. One is to reactive this little blog. I have working in other side of fashion for years and still found nowhere for my journey to be recorded, especially in this digital scape --- well, except Twitter. So, I decided to have a new article theme in this blog to convey my other craziness, like creative selling and entrepreneurship, and still counting, I guess, just a broader exciting topicTherefore, please don't mind if I would like to write some short (maybe long, if necessary :p) article about these new topics. I want to take my writing angle more than eyeing beauty but also the creative thinking, generating the idea that hopefully leads to a new and fresh perspective, in my dummy way. Haha.

In this era of vlogging, do you still want to write a blog?

BIG YES! One point why is because I prefer much not to be on-screen, lol.

Plus, I will continue my study (online learning, for the win) where I need to read and write more. I hope this blog can be a medium for me and you to learn, share, inspire more, and for sure, to connect.

That's all! See you in another post!



Lucca Yoga said...


*pembaca setia blognya Christie*

Marsela Christie said...

Hahaha... Luccaaaa :"D