March 11, 2018


I like to listen/watch to some topics multiple times. It feels like I can get different yet meaningful perspectives about it. For instance, listening to Maria's Indonesian Idol "Kecewa" song cover that was completely different from the original one belongs to Bunga Citra Lestari. That is my current Monday night watching with my sister. 😋 Listening to any branding podcast from A consultant, B consultant, C consultant.... also gives me a better understanding and recall. That's why I like doing it.

The case includes this: Have been learning about digital marketing for years, I came to a 101 digital marketing class last weekend. The speaker's perspective is what I want to talk about where he emphasised the power of video as brand storytelling. Well, any multimedia platform, actually. Like I just knew that Karena Wanita Ingin Dimengerti sung by the local Ada Band was intended to promote Softex brand. Eh? Or I just forget? It was a long time ago. 

Since I like to watch Youtube videos, I want to share some of most memorable Youtube videos that are created with local brands. Check them out!

1. Sore by Tropicana Slim Stevia
Well, this is very famous webseries! The story simply educates us about the importance to take care our sugar level preventing the diabetes. First time I knew this series from Han Yoo Ra, a Korean vlogger, did parody about Sore webseries ---that I think it was an advertisement though 😋. Never mind, I just watched Sore since then, eagerly waiting for each per each episode coming up every week coz it was really good! The setting was in Italy with beautiful sceneries (the first hook to keep me staying to watch!) and the actors acting were really natural. The Stevia's product was also appeared there. For the first episode only, it already has more than 1,7 million views.

2. Cameo Project & Astra Motor
We know that it is not easy to market insurance, especially for motorcycles. But things may be different for Astra Motor. The way Astra Motor chose to educate people to ride safe and ride with heart is clever. They collaborated with the famous Cameo Project to create Motor vs Pacar and Cerdas Melanggar series (each has 2 episodes). I truly enjoy every minute of the vlog because the story is very relevant to daily life. Just watch the video!

3. Line Indonesia (AADC Mini Drama and Nic & Mar)
AADC Mini Drama was launched in 2014. Everyone was watching it because curious with the sequel of blockbuster Indonesian movie, Ada Apa Dengan Cinta. Through watching this mini drama, people could only guessing what really happened next between Rangga and Cinta after separated for years. 6,7 millions viewer already until now. Wow!

It was 2015 the series was launched. People were crazy that time about this series, one because it was starred by the heartthrob Nicholas Saputra and super-beau Mariana Renata. The place was taken in Paris, a very beautiful and romantic scenery. I really love the cinematography and the actors natural acting were really convincing and smooth, even when the episode showed the LINE mobile application itself.

4. Onigiri by Pocari Sweat
I knew this series from the speaker on that 101 digital marketing workshop --- Did Pocari Sweat put ads on this series? Feels that I was not the target... coz I'm old? 😭 This series was about Japanese students who were going to Bali high school and experiencing friendship challenges while looking for hidden treasure in school. A good and very light story. It is perfect for the youngsters to watch. Since one of main characters is the one in AKB48, Haruka Nakagawa, can you guess on who dominated the comment section? Yeah, the Wota did 😋

5. Female Daily Vlogs
If you are into make-up and skincare rituals, for sure, you will watch many beauty vloggers such as Liah Yoo, Suhay Salim, Tasya Farasya, and etc. Female Daily vlog might be in your list too. As a largest beauty online community platform in Indonesia with more 230,000 members ---Ah, I think the real number will be more than that, Female Daily is where you want to search an honest and genuine review before buying your dream skincare/make up products. Anyway, one of great vlog content in Female Daily vlog, in my opinion, is the annual Beauty Awards episodes. Coz what? This awards was based on polling from FD members and presented by FD's employees themselves, making you wonder if your favorite brand you use regularly win the awards or not. It feels very personal and indeed a very interesting episode you won't miss.

6. Ria SW Vlog & Traveloka
Ria SW vlog has been on of the most-awaited vlogs in my list. Been watching her work since Ria produced NyamNyamNyam at vlogs with MichiMomo and Han Yoora. Since it's over, I went to her personal channel to watch her weekly content that mostly talks about food and travel. Her content was very fun and exciting, sometimes imaginative while she brought out her Sally little doll named Curut. 😂😂😂 Ria's vlog about Tokyo with Traveloka subtly taught people how to use the brand's mobile application, which was appeared several times. 1 million subscribers, more than 1 million video views (as counted now, only few days since the episode was arrived). Imagine the brand exposure. 😱

7. Jun Chef, Kosong TV & JD.ID
Honestly, I am not that into Korean stuffs. But I indeed watch some Korean-living-in-Indonesia vlogs. One name to mention is Jun Chef, a chef of 88 Restaurant, who happens to be a vlogger in his personal channel also in Kosong TV. One of his vlog series in Kosong TV is about Jun Chef teamed up with Michi Momo, Park Nam and Yohoney to cook around Indonesia cities in a food truck sponsored by JD.ID. The series also highlighted any products from the video that you can buy from JD.ID. I think it is a brave move for the sponsors since Kosong TV has no quite high subscribers number but some of its content is quite interesting.

I wonder the pioneer who might start this digital video outbreak --- in Indonesia. Perhaps, since AADC Mini Drama? Nic & Mar? As per now, there are a lot, a lot, and a lot like this to watch. Perhaps, the behavior of digital audience to watch more and more Youtube videos can be one reason. But I admit that in the midst of branded content, only few that have the content quality. Nonetheless, if brands do it well, it surely can be a tool to make a better brand recall for the customers.

I appreciate this shifting on advertisement in Indonesia which is more creative nowadays and emphasising more story telling rather than product highlight. More genuine and natural content is the key to win this digital video fever.

So, let me know if your have another favorite!


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