April 1, 2018


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Tomorrow, April 2nd 2018.

Mark the date. For the first time, Innisfree Indonesia will be selling online at Shopee. I was jumping happily out of my seat because buying original Innisfree product will be a hassle-free to go. Yes, I am indeed a happy heavy Innisfree users! 💃

Let me do flashback a little while. I didn't remember exactly when was the first time I knew Innisfree but my big sister recommendation. Since then, I surfed the internet, looked for reviews and finally decided to try one step ahead. Unfortunately, it was a little bit difficult to find Innisfree in Indonesia. So, I waited a little bit until Innisfree finally opened its first store at Central Park Mall. (Great! Another reason to go to CP besides my lovestruck to CP's aromatheraphy fragrance at the lobby entrance 😝) YEEAY!

I was there in the first week of Innisfree store opening. I could not forget how long the queue was and its big crowd. Everyone was waiting for this grand opening enthusiastically. Free samples were the traction, at least for me, to buy in-store and repurchase there, whenever my stocks were running out. This also brought me to join its membership program where I registered directly in-store. I could not forget its in-store experience where they always have green decoration also the virtual reality dating spot with the handsome Lee Min Ho (where I am very interested in but never tried once, too afraid to harm the property... lol. But, has anyone, like real customers, ever really tried it?). 

Nope, I won't talk about what my skincare regime with Innisfree. (where I use around four different Innisfree products as my daily skincare, just to let you know if you wonder...) But I want to see and expect what will be going on at Innisfree online store at Shopee in the first day, first week or maybe first month. 

First question: why do Innisfree choose Shopee? Is it because most beauty users, again, or at least me, are looking for those rare Korean beauty products often at Shopee? Or Shopee just simply have similar demographic users like Innisfree, the youthful 20-30 years old women?

Well, it seems I found some Innisfree Facebook fans asking if they can buy it online, even mentioning Shopee. In addition, ever since the online launching announced at Facebook, there are many positive responds!

Before launching announcement

After launching announcement

Second question: why should I buy it online?

The answer is obvious though. We will have easier and convenient access to buy Innisfree products. We might not buy it anywhere but only from its online official store. Unless you try to find cheaper version or unexisting Innisfree products in Indonesia, it will be another case. I have tried that once at Shopee where I bought its sebum-free powder from one of random sellers. But I don't know why the products were different with the ones I usually bought from Innisfree store. While it might be purchased directly from Korea (or produced in other country maybe?), it had different ingredients. Or perhaps worse, I just bought most-likely... ummm... counterfeit products.

But really, what is worth the wait for this Innisfree x Shopee first sale? Instead of being able to purchase the original Innisfree products?

I like to make some guessing at its first-sale hype, considering that the announcement only happens at Innisfree social media only. (Is there any other publication about this before the D-day?) As an expectant customer, I guess there will be...

1) Big promotion or free sample for first customers,   just like others do...
Yep, the interesting promotion as promised by Innisfree. Example, like getting 30% off with certain voucher code or free big-sized sample of its most-famous Super Volcanic Clay Mask with minimal purchase? Or maybe, any exclusive free stuffs for the first 100 customers, like the free poster and fan given during its opening store at Central Park.

2) Exclusive product launching or special release,   maybe also with the theme of green environment
A totally new product is quite impossible, no? Because there is no teaser prior in social media. Or did I just miss it? But how about special bundle of best-selling products or green tumblr? And oh, don't be surprised if you find the online store decorated with iconic Innisfree green theme!

3) Mini competition with prize like a date with Lee Min Ho or a trip with Yoonamaybe in Indonesia or Jeju Island ---if we pray enough
Buying products online with certain purchase limit and winning special trip to Jeju Island with Lee Min Ho or Yoona can't hurt anyone at all.

4) Innisfree simple VR glasses available to buy online,  for the chicken soul
I do really wish I were brave enough to try that in-store virtual reality with Lee Min Ho. But I am just a little shy cat. Maybe a self-bought VR glasses can help me out? These glasses can be bought at Shopee exclusively during certain period (or can be along with any product purchase). Then you can watch any webisodes aired in Innisfree Indonesia Youtube channel enhanced with those glasses. Cool, isn't it? #daydreaming
5) Special membership point, perhaps during the first-sale week please?
Will the online purchase at Shopee be integrated with Innisfree membership? Hopefully so! I'm chasing the points for free stuffs. 💪 So, will be there any special membership points when buying at Shopee? But how could we possibly do it? Should we insert our code while checking out or something...? Any idea?
6) Closing all in-store branches and putting a banner at the front door: "We only sell Innisfree at Shopee for the half... or entire day."  (CRAZY THOUGHT BUT STILL POSSIBLE)
Yes, and all eyes are at Innisfree at Shopee. Great awareness investment at that banner attracting mall visitors (but maybe not on the pocket? 👻). Give an additional great discount QR code in the banner to drive purchase online instead. Or do in-store count-down as the brand celebrating its first-ever online sales experience.

While I'm hoping one of my dummy prophecy comes true, I do genuinely expect more. Because I love Innisfree for its super great, magical products despite of its affordable price. I can't wait to buy all of my Innisfree skincare online without having any doubt of its product originality.

Let's wait until the D-day. All the best for Innisfree!

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