April 25, 2018


It is common when brands celebrate Kartini’s day, the national women empowerment day on April 21st. Most harness this moment to promote their products with certain campaigns. Just like many others who were competing to provide the best exclusive deals during the date. The visual conveys local woman imagery with traditional costume (kebaya), 21% discount offering until wide array of women fashion and houseware product selection.

Nevertheless, there are two most-attentive Kartini communications that hooked me up. Because they simply put some ads to reach me (first bait) then the content were just simply right (second bait). Let's make it quick. Who are on the list?

You may wonder why this becomes one of the nomination, despite of its simplicity. I personally think this campaign is profound and touching. Why? You can have the sense of warmth where the curated menu is homemade by Indonesian womenpreneur. While other Kartini campaign encourages you to splurge to become the trendy and modern Kartini woman, Go-Food might say otherwise. They invite us to celebrate inspiring modern Kartini through their work, which is their food menu selection. This is definitely showing their dedication toward work and love for food.

At least, that is how I perceive it. There is very least actual description about the campaign and only few tenants participating on this event, might be too soon to conclude with. In addition, if the tenants are not renowned enough (a strong subjectivity on this), you might have had the difficulty to recognise if they are really co-owned/managed by women or not.

Just looking at the picture and hunger strikes :(

And here is my first winner.




Who doesn't know recent Ramayana great campaign #KerenHakSegalaBangsa? Ramayana advertising agency seems never running out ideas to create touching video series, just like the emotional Thailand ad version. And yas, there is another video launched during Kartini day from Ramayana. Found it accidentally when I was about to see some of my Youtube subscription during that period of time. Who knows I ended watch the entire video ad instead of skipping it like I often do.

While most of Kartini day celebration is often exploiting women figure, this video ad is the opposite. No physical mother/woman main figure but only the love between father and his daughter. But magically, the empowerment message as being said in every Kartini campaign is very well communicatedI can truly feel both fatherly and motherly love in merely one human being. Beautiful. 

That's all. Do you have yours?

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